OZURDEX is a biodegradable, medicated implant that can be injected into the eye for the advanced treatment of macular edema, and for treatment of diabetic macular edema resulting from retinal vein occlusion, central retinal vein occlusion, and uveitis. OZURDEX contains a corticosteroid known as dexamethasone, which is released into the eye continuously during the life of the medicated implant. This medication blocks the chemical pathways which cause retinal swelling, eye inflammation, and leaking blood vessels of the retina. At Comprehensive Retina Consultants in Ocala, FL, board-certified retina surgeon Dr. Shalesh Kaushal finds OZURDEX safe and effective for the treatment of the aforementioned eye conditions that can impair vision and cause vision loss.


Dr. Kaushal will perform the OZURDEX implant procedure under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis in our Ocala office. To begin, Dr. Kaushal will thoroughly clean the eye and the surrounding area to prevent infection. Next, the surface of the eye will be numbed. Finally, OZURDEX will be injected into the vitreous, the fluid-like portion of the eye located between the lens and the retina. OZURDEX is housed inside a special, small applicator equivalent to the size of a pen, simplifying the procedure process. Upon the injection of the implant, patients may feel pressure and hear a clicking sound associated with the applicator.


The OZURDEX implant will remain intact until all of the corticosteroids have been released. Inflammation and blurred vision may return as the medication levels decrease, so patients should contact Dr. Kaushal as soon as symptoms return, as it may be time for their next treatment. Over time and with well-scheduled treatments, patients typically see an improvement to their vision as well as reduced vision-related symptoms. The most common long-term side effects of OZURDEX are cataracts and increased pressure on the eye. These symptoms should be reported to Dr. Kaushal at their onset.


OZURDEX is an effective, lasting treatment for the continuous delivery of medication to the eye. If you believe you may be a candidate for this treatment or would simply like more information about it, we invite you to contact our Ocala office today to speak with our helpful staff. During a consultation with Dr. Kaushal, he will help you see how OZURDEX could help treat your condition.