The injectable steroid known as Kenalog is a nonsurgical treatment for a number of eye conditions. The steroid, which has a great number of medical applications, is a safe and effective treatment. At Comprehensive Retina Consultants, Dr. Shalesh Kaushal, an Ocala, FL board-certified retina surgeon, often uses Kenalog to treat symptoms such as blurry vision and vision loss. These can be initiated by diabetic macular edema, cystoid macular edema, as well as some cases of wet macular degeneration. The steroid works by reducing swelling and inflammation of the macula, the part of the retina at the rear of the eye. With consistent and regulated use of Kenalog, these conditions can be treated with favorable results.


A Kenalog injection is an outpatient, nonsurgical procedure performed in our Ocala office. Before initiating the procedure, the eye and surrounding area will be cleaned of any makeup or dirt. The eye will then be numbed with a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Finally, the Kenalog will be injected in the vitreous cavity, the fluid in the middle portion of the eye. Patients should not feel discomfort or pain during the procedure. Future appointments and treatments should be scheduled around Dr. Kaushal’s recommendation.


After a Kenalog injection, it is not uncommon for patients to experience the appearance of floaters in the eye. Floaters are essentially small flecks of collagen and should not cause alarm. Floaters can persist for a period of up to ten days. If this common, harmless side effect becomes bothersome, most patients find relief by simply adjusting the position of their heads.


For more information about the application of Kenalog for the treatment of eye conditions, call Comprehensive Retina Consultants today. Our helpful staff would be more than willing to help answer your questions or schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaushal to determine your eligibility for this treatment.