Electrophysiological (EP) testing of the retina/macula is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that measures the electrical activity of the eye.

Quantitative autofluorescence imaging is a technique to determine the interaction between the nourishing cells and the visual cells of the retina.


Dr. Kaushal uses OCT (optical coherence tomography), an integrated technology that obtains images of the blood vessels in the retina and choroid.

A dye is injected into a patient’s bloodstream during fluorescein angiography, illuminating vessels in the back of the eye to highlight any problems.

Dr. Kaushal uses fundus photography to attain clear, detailed images of the retina so that a quick diagnosis can be made and prompt treatment given.

A B-scan is an advanced eye diagnostic test where ultrasound technology is used to capture and display detailed images of the internal eye structures.