Avastin is best recognized as an FDA-approved prescription cancer treatment, but has been proven safe and effective in treating conditions of the eye. Ocala, FL board-certified retina surgeon, Dr. Shalesh Kaushal of Comprehensive Retina Consultants, uses this injectable medication to treat vision loss in patients suffering from age-related wet macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In age-related macular degeneration, the retina membrane can break and cause the growth of abnormal blood vessels. Avastin works by blocking their growth.


The Avastin medication will be injected into the eye during an outpatient appointment at our Ocala, FL facility. Dr. Kaushal will first cleanse the eye and the surrounding area to prevent infection. Next, the eye will be numbed with an injectable anesthetic. Finally, a fine needle will be used to inject Avastin into the back of the eye. The treatment will need to be repeated about every four weeks over the course of several months in order to yield the most favorable results.


Should Dr. Kaushal deem it necessary, Avastin may be combined with other common age-related macular degeneration therapies for comprehensive treatment. Patients usually report no further vision loss with Avastin, but previous vision loss may never be fully restored. It is important to understand that Avastin does not work for everyone and some patients may not receive favorable results. In these cases, patients should report to Dr. Kaushal right away for other treatment options.


To learn more about Avastin or to find out if the medication could be used to treat your age-related macular degeneration, we invite you to contact Comprehensive Retina Consultants today to set up a consultation. Our knowledgeable medical staff looks forward to speaking with you.