The retina is a very intricate area of the eye with a network consisting of tiny vessels, tissue, and unique structures that allow it to function properly. When a patient comes to Comprehensive Retina Consultants in Ocala, FL with an eye condition, Dr. Kaushal uses the most advanced technologies to thoroughly assess and diagnose the condition. Through the use of OCT (optical coherence tomography), we can receive crystal clear 3D images of the retina and choroid so that an in-depth analysis can take place, allowing us to understand exactly what is causing your symptoms. Unlike older methods of angiography used years prior, dye does not have to be injected into the eye in order to see even the smallest issues. This is because the OCT technology utilizes the motion of blood cells. OCT is also faster and more precise, with images of eye structures presented in mere seconds. Dr. Shalesh Kaushal is a board-certified retina surgeon skilled to diagnose and treat a number of retinal diseases. OCT is used to confirm certain eye conditions such as retinal vein occlusion, retinal tears, inflammation, and more.


OCT is a safe and effective way to view the inside of the eye. Compared to other forms of diagnostic testing, such as fluorescein and ICG angiography, a patient doesn’t need to be injected with a dye in order to obtain images. During the exam, Dr. Kaushal will have the patient place his or her chin on a resting plate while pressing the forehead against a bar. These features of the OCT equipment allow the head to remain still so quality images can be taken. 3D views of the blood vessels in various layers of the retina and choroid will be examined. Several slight adjustments may need to be made, but the technology is safe enough to be repeated multiple times.


Dr. Kaushal will be able to detect and diagnose eye diseases and conditions almost immediately during the OCT examination. The treatment does not cause pain or discomfort, and there are no special guidelines to follow afterward since no dyes or eye drops were needed. Most OCT exams take place in under 30 minutes and once the exam is over, the patient will meet with Dr. Kaushal to discuss the diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.


OCT is one of the most advanced and effective digital imaging systems available to retina surgeons for diagnosing a number of retinal diseases. At Comprehensive Retina Consultants in Ocala, FL, Dr. Kaushal takes great compassion when working with his patients to understand what is causing their condition, and finding a way to effectively treat it. His passion for making sure his patients are cared for is his top priority. We invite you to call our retina clinic today to schedule your appointment and learn more.