Dr. Shalesh Kaushal is an Ocala, FL board-certified retina surgeon who offers the vitrectomy procedure to treat retinal detachments. This occurs when the vitreous gel found between the retina and the lens moves and becomes detached, leading to serious vision problems and vision loss. During a vitrectomy surgery, a portion of the fluid is removed to alleviate some of the problematic eye conditions that occur as a result of a detachment. With some of the vitreous removed, it also allows Dr. Kaushal better access to the retina. Removing this fluid can help restore vision and repair eye problems for many patients. Dr. Kaushal is a known and well-respected retina specialist offering vitrectomy and many other advanced treatments for patients with retinal disease.


The severity and complexity of a retinal detachment can vary among patients. Depending on your specific case, the vitrectomy procedure can be performed with either a local numbing agent or with general anesthesia. In most cases, the treatment takes approximately 2 – 3 hours. After tiny incisions are made, Dr. Kaushal will cut the vitreous and remove it from the eye using special surgical instruments. This process is very delicate and precise, and Dr. Kaushal takes great care to remove enough fluid so that he can focus on the retina. Once the fluid is removed, he will repair the damaged area with either laser treatment or surgery. In addition, any scar tissue surrounding the retina will be removed. To complete this surgical process, Dr. Kaushal will inject a gas or silicone oil bubble into the eye to make the retina lightly press against the eye wall. This is to keep the retina protected. This oil generally is not absorbed by the body, so an additional treatment may be necessary at a later date to remove the oil from the eye.


After vitrectomy surgery, most patients notice a significant improvement in the visual acuity (sharpness) of their eyesight, and the appearance of floaters or flashes of light decreases or goes away. For several weeks following surgery, patients will need to avoid strenuous activities (such as heavy lifting) and avoid added pressure on the eyes (such as riding in an airplane). It is also important to recognize that the gas bubble inserted during surgery will require careful aftercare. For example, the face may have to be kept down and the patient may have to sleep on a certain side. It generally takes a few weeks for the gas bubble to fully dissolve.


To treat a number of retinal conditions, including retinal detachments, Dr. Kaushal performs vitrectomies with outstanding results. Using his extensive training and experience, Dr. Kaushal uses the most advanced techniques and methods to produce optimal outcomes. He is passionate about maintaining the health of his patients’ vision, and works with each of them to prevent ongoing problems while effectively treating the condition at hand.