An effective method to treat retinal tears is a freezing technique known as cryopexy. Also referred to as cryotherapy or retinal cryopexy, this is a treatment that uses intense cold therapy to produce a chorioretinal scar within the retina. This proactively destroys tissue that is growing abnormally in the retinal or choroidal region. Ocala, FL board-certified retina surgeon Dr. Shalesh Kaushal uses this technique to treat a number of retinal disorders, the most common being retina tears or holes within the retina itself. In addition, it can be used to help remove scar tissue and stop it from forming, as well as slowing the progression of other disorders related to the retina’s blood vessels. This is an advanced technique that requires surgeon experience and skill, and is often combined with other retina surgeries and procedures depending on the unique needs of Dr. Kaushal’s patients.


Cryopexy is performed with local anesthesia on-site at our Ocala, FL retina center. During the treatment, Dr. Kaushal places a metal probe against the eye. Using a mechanical control-foot panel, the tip of the probe becomes very cold and includes a combination of rapidly expanding cold gases, most commonly nitrous oxide. When the gas passes through the probe, it targets the areas within the eye and stimulates scar formation, which seals the edge of a tear or abnormal growth. This freezing process can take place numerous times during a treatment phase, and is followed by a rapid thawing process. The freezing treatment process allows the retina to regain contact with the healthy tissue underneath it.


Cryopexy treatment offers good outcomes for many patients. In fact, in about 90% of the cases, it prevents the spread of infection or the progression of bleeding, scarring, and further detachment. Many patients are able to have their vision partially if not all the way restored. For positive results such as the one mentioned here, it is important that early treatment be sought as soon as symptoms occur and a diagnosis has been made.

After a cryopexy treatment, our patients are monitored for about an hour and then released home. The procedure does not normally cause pain; however, patients may experience discomfort in the hours following treatment. Dr. Kaushal will prescribe pain medication as necessary. Temporary post-operative effects include blurred vision, as well as some swelling and redness around the eye. The recovery from retinal cryopexy generally takes 10 – 14 days.


Retinal detachments and other conditions associated with the retina can be treated with cryopexy. This effective surgical treatment offered by Dr. Kaushal has excellent outcomes and allows patients to overcome a variety of eye conditions and regain vision. To see if you are a candidate for this procedure, we invite you to call Comprehensive Retina Consultants in Ocala, FL to learn more.